KuCoin’s Republic Proclamation Day Bash: Dive Into the $70K Treasure Pool!

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Dear Valued KuCoin Users, Let’s get the party started for Republic Proclamation Day with KuCoin! We’re throwing a bash for our Lusophone buddies, and you’re invited to dive into a treasure pool of over $70,000 rewards. With five fun-packed campaigns, we’re here to light up the vibe and sprinkle some KuCoin magic on your day.

Mingle, trade, and indulge in the thrill of the festivities. Here’s to making memories and celebrating freedom – KuCoin style! Click here to visit the campaign landing page and discover the excitement that awaits you. For more details regarding each campaign, please see below:

Top Up for More

Campaign 1: Buy Crypto With BRL To Share a 13,200 USDT Prize Pool!

Description: Top up your BRL and use your BRL balance to purchase cryptocurrency to participate.

Time: 13:00:00 November 8, 2023 – 12:59:59 November 18, 2023 (UTC)

Rules & Rewards: 

  • Double the rewards for new users! The more you buy, the higher the reward.
  • Both the BRL top-up and the cryptocurrency purchase using BRL must be completed to qualify for the rewards.
  • Count the cumulative amount of BRL recharges and cryptocurrency purchases using BRL balances during the campaign period. Both conditions of participation must be met to receive a reward.
  • New users are defined as users who have never top-up BRL on KuCoin.

Link: https://www.kucoin.com/pt/land/promotions/Brazilian_Recharge_Celebration 

Limited-Time Cash Rewards

Campaign 2: Cash Gift! Claim up to 100 USDT for a Limited Time!

Description: Simply share with friends to receive up to 100 USDT in rewards!

Time: 10:00:00 November 2, 2023 – 23:59:59 November 12, 2023 (UTC-3)

Rules & Rewards:

  • Reward Acquisition (Inviters): Existing users can open the cash package worth up to 100 USDT by sharing the referral link and inviting friends to register through the event page. The inviter will also get 20% commission returns from their invitee;
  • Reward Acquisition (Invitees): Newly registered users who have been invited by their friends through the event page can directly receive a reward worth up to 100 USDT!;
  • Withdrawal Rules: All qualified existing and Invited users need to complete their Standard User Identity Verification in order to withdraw the cash package;
  • Cash Package Limitations: Each user can only open the cash package once. Duplicate accounts will be regarded as the same user. However, each user can share the cash package multiple times;

Link: KuCoin Referral Program: Earn Crypto Rewards

Affiliate Celebration Event

Campaign 3: Invite New Users to Deposit and Share High Rewards

Description: Invite new users to complete registration and make deposits to earn high commissions and rewards

Time: 10:00:00 November 2, 2023 – 10:00:00 November 24, 2023 (UTC)

Rules & Rewards:

  • Invite new users to complete registration and make deposits during the event period to share a large prize pool. The more new users you invite who make deposits, the greater your rewards will be.
  • New users invited during the event who complete a deposit of 100 USDT will receive a reward of 5 USDT. 
  • This reward is only available to users who have completed KYC identity verification in Brazil.

Link: https://www.kucoin.com/pt/land/promotions/Brazilianevents_affiliate

New Users Bonanza

Campaign 4: New Users Only, up to 700 USDT to Claim

Description: KuCoin has prepared a gift pack worth 700 USDT for newly registered users. All you need to do is complete the tasks below to qualify for the corresponding rewards.

Time: 10:00:00 November 8, 2023 – 10:00:00 November 24, 2023 (UTC)

Rules & Rewards:

  • Register on KuCoin to get up to 100 USDT + 30 USDT in coupons
  • Complete “Standard User Identity Verification” to get up to 100 USDT
  • Complete your first deposit/purchase to get 100 USDT + 10 USDT in coupons
  • Complete your first trade to get 100 USD + 65 USDT in coupons
  • Complete the Pro Trading Tasks to get 100 USDT + 100 USDT in coupons 

Link: https://www.kucoin.com/pt/platform/KuRewards

Futures Fiesta

Campaign 5: Portuguese Regions Exclusive! Futures Fiesta: Win Up To 60,000 USDT!

Description: Portuguese Regions Exclusive Futures Fiesta

Time: 12:00:00 November 8, 2023 – 12:00:00 November 22, 2023 (UTC)

Rules & Rewards:

  • Activity 1: Participation Rewards, Win a Share of 50,000 USDT!

During the campaign period, all qualified KuCoin users will share a prize pool worth 50,000 USDT based on their total trading volume. 

  • Activity 2: Be the Top 500 Traders, Win a 50 USDT Futures Deduction Coupon!

During the campaign period, the top 500 KuCoin users who have a Futures trading volume (principal * leverage) of more than 8,000 USDT on any of the contracts on KuCoin will be qualified to receive a 50 USDT Futures Deduction Coupon each.

Link: https://www.kucoin.com/pt/land/promotions/portuguese-regions-exclusive

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