LINK, OKB, KAS, RUNE, NEO See Impressive Gains in the Past Week

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LINK, OKB, KAS, RUNE, NEO See Impressive Gains in the Past Week
  • Santiment reported today that the majority of the top 100 tokens by market cap saw their prices rise by over 10% in the past week.
  • LINK, OKB, KAS, RUNE, and NEO were pointed out by Santiment as “standout” tokens.
  • All of the tokens singled out by Santiment, except LINK, experienced price increases over the past day.

The market intelligence platform, Santiment, shared in an X post today that the majority of the top 100 tokens by market capitalization saw their prices rise by more than 10% in the past week. Santiment highlighted Chainlink (LINK), OKB (OKB), Kaspa (KAS), THORChain (RUNE), and Neo (NEO) as “standouts.”

The analytics platform also revealed that these cryptocurrencies have experienced notable increases in their social volume, likely causing FOMO amongst traders and investors. For instance, KAS experienced a massive 61% increase in its social volume.

RUNE and OKB both saw their social volume go up by 36%. Meanwhile, LINK and NEO experienced a 30% and 29% increase in their social volumes respectively over the past seven days of trading.

With regards to the tokens’ 24-hour performance, CoinMarketCap indicated that LINK saw its price decline slightly by about 0.62%. As a result, the altcoin was trading hands at $14.45 at press time. The token’s weekly performance was, however, still up by more than 29%.

OKB managed a 3.39% price increase throughout the past day, which boosted its trading value up to $60.13. The cryptocurrency’s price was also able to rise by more than 32% in the past week.

KAS also saw its price increase by about 2.84% since yesterday, resulting in it trading at $0.09272. This boosted its weekly performance even further to +81.16%. KAS’s 24-hour trading volume jumped by 47.55%, which left it settling at $150,872,226.

RUNE also managed to turn a few heads in the market after its price surged by more than 7% in just the past day of trading. This meant that the altcoin’s trading value climbed to $3.81. RUNE’s price was up by 29.63% on its weekly time frame as well.

Lastly, NEO was worth $13.80 at press time after the cryptocurrency’s price jumped slightly by 0.38%. Although small, the token’s latest price rise pushed its weekly performance even further into positive territory to +48.31%.

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