Shiba Inu: Node Provider Unveils Guide to Shibarium Token Integration for Apps and Exchanges

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Shiba Inu: Node Provider Unveils Guide to Shibarium Token Integration for Apps and Exchanges
  • NOWNodes issues a guide on retrieving Shibarium token balances for apps.
  • NOWNodes stated the easiest method is the API for interacting with Shibarium.
  • The methods involve direct blockchain interaction and utilizing Shibarium RPC Full Node and API.

Leading blockchain node provider NOWNodes has released an integration guide for tokens built on Shibarium, the blockchain network linked to Shiba Inu. The NOWNodes team highlighted that this initiative comes amid the increasing number of confirmed Shibarium integrations and the arrival of numerous promising tokens within the ecosystem.

Notably, this guide focused on how to retrieve Shibarium ERC-20 token balances for applications and exchanges. First, it highlighted that Shibarium-based tokens share similarities with regular ERC-20 tokens. 

The guide stated they can represent various assets, from currencies to loyalty program points. Additionally, it cited that they incorporate standard functionalities like transfers, balance inquiries, and allowances.

NOWNodes provided two methods for retrieving and checking Shibarium ERC-20 token balances. The first involves direct interaction with the blockchain, while the second utilizes Shibarium RPC Full Node and API methods.

The guide pointed out that developers and enterprises who prefer hands-on approaches and possess Web3 technical knowledge can interact directly with the Shibarium blockchain. This process entails using smart contract calls to query token balances.

Notably, this method has three prerequisites, including having Web3.js interact with the blockchain. Meanwhile, NOWNodes consented that this method is not the easiest and most popular way to track Shibarium ERC-20 tokens.

The more straightforward approach NOWNodes provides entails quick access to the API for interacting with Shibarium. Essentially, this method involves accessing Shibarium nodes through the NOWNodes API key and sending a simple get balance request with the required settings.

Ultimately, the node provider remarked that the Shibarium network represents an exciting frontier for the ERC-20 token ecosystem. The foundation for this view is its potential for scalability, faster transactions, and reduced costs.

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