Shibburn’s New Radio App to Supplement Shiba Inu Burn

Last Updated:
  • Shibburn is set to introduce a radio app to attract new investors.
  • The revenue generated through the radio station will fund Shiba Inu burning.
  • “We hope that with every burn, the wealth of the community grows,” a Shiba Inu developer said.

Shibburn, the company which facilitates Shiba Inu (SHIB) burning, is planning to set tens of billions of SHIB tokens on fire with the motive of introducing Shiba Inu to millions of new investors. The burning portal has also announced on Twitter its plan to launch its official radio app on Alexa Skill, Android, and iOS platforms.

Shibburn Radio, the new online radio station, will play the latest music and will generate revenue by running ads in the stream or by monthly subscriptions.

The company aims to use the revenue generated from the app for burning Shiba Inu tokens. Although the project’s plans are yet to be spelled out, Shibburn hints at the motive behind this initiative.

Earlier this year, Shiba Inu developers launched the ShibaBurn portal. Users who sent tokens via the ShibaBurn portal to permanently remove a set amount of SHIB in circulation were rewarded.

While revealing their purpose behind launching the Shiba burn portal, Shiba Inu developers said:

Our hope is that with every burn, the wealth of the community grows, but also by rewarding the effort in the long term to make Shiba Inu one of the best digital assets in the history of cryptocurrencies.

Sharing its position among the top movers in crypto, Shibburn, the website boasts 70 million visits and 4 million unique visitors per month.