The Moonbirds NFT Collection To Shift Completely “In-Chain”

Last Updated:
  • The Moonbirds NFT collection will shift completely “in-chain”.
  • PROOF, the company behind the collection, made the announcement in a community live stream.
  • Moonbird Mythics was also announced in the live stream and will launch in early 2023.

The private company behind the Moonbirds NFT collection, PROOF, has announced that it will be shifting its blue-chip collection completely “in-chain”. This means that images will be fully contained within the underlying smart contract.

Yesterday, in a community livestream titled “Future PROOF”, the director of products at PROOF, Harri Thomas, explained that the new approach will mean that the viewable image of a Moonbird NFT will be “constructed from the contract itself from art layers, which are going to be stored on the blockchain, ” in the future.

Thomas stated that their Ethereum-based NFTs will differ from a large number of NFTs which are merely tokens that point to where the images are stored off-chain.

In the livestream, Thomas said, “This is an unusual approach. Certainly not unique,” and added that OnChainMonkey is another example of an NFT project that is employing the same approach.

The product director did not provide a date for when the NFT collection will make this shift. He did, however, note that it is a “primary focus” for the smart contract team.

Justin Mezzell, the chief product officer and co-founder of PROOF, who was also one of the hosts of the community live stream, went on to add, “It’s cool to enter that rarefied space of a fully in-chain project and making sure that this project is really fully decentralized and viewable for just generations.”

The expansion of PROOF’s Moonbirds collection, known as Moonbird Mythics, was also revealed in the live stream and is expected to be launched in early 2023.

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