The Sandbox Collaborates With Ledger To Educate Users in Metaverse

Last Updated:
  • The Sandbox and Ledger partner to educate users in the metaverse.
  • Users will be educated on cryptocurrency safety.
  • The Sandbox shares that it is aware of a bug in the program but is working to fix it as soon as possible.

A few days ago, Ledger, a cryptocurrency and web3 security business located in France, partnered with The Sandbox to develop the Ledgerverse in order to educate people about crypto security and teach them how to protect their wallets from the numerous hacks and breaches that occur in the cryptocurrency space.

The “School of Block” is the first of three Sandbox maps included in the Ledgerverse, which is Ledger’s first virtual environment and was designed by Swipe Back. The School of Block teaches users to guarantee they are “metaverse-ready.”

Through the use of a narrative that is full of characters, virtual missions, and mysteries to solve, users will learn how to recognize potential scammer dangers and phishing traps they may come across while navigating the internet.

However, The Sandbox faced a problem just after the announcement of its partnership with Ledger. The Sandbox yesterday shared on Twitter that they are aware of a bug in the Ledger School of Block that does not fully track when all quests are complete.

This bug prevents players from receiving the full reward for completing all quests in the experience. The metaverse platform also said that its teams are working on a patch to correct this issue as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Ariel Wengroff, the Global VP of Communications at Ledger, reiterates the importance of the web3 gateway’s partnerships with The Sandbox and Swipe Back. His statement reads:

Ledger will not compromise on using Web3 innovation to educate the masses. Our partnership with The Sandbox and Swipe Back is the beginning of a long commitment to building a more inclusive future for users.

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