Pray for Turkey: Nonprofit NFTs by STRMNFT to Help Quake Victims

Last Updated:
  • The world is rallying to help Turkish earthquake victims.
  • STRMNFT has launched a “Pray for Turkey” initiative.
  • The program consists of 10,000 NFTs minted for the purpose of donating to the victims in Turkey.

As the devastating impact of what was perhaps the most deadly earthquake in recent times unfolds in Turkey and neighboring countries, collective aid is pouring in from all corners of the world. The crypto community, known for its timely response to disasters, evidenced by its efforts during the Ukraine-Russia war, has banded together to offer its help to the victims of the heart-wrenching crisis.

Among the influx of humanitarian aid are STRMNFT’s recent efforts. Through a campaign titled, “Pray for Turkey,” the NFT marketplace aims to gather and subsequently lend its contributions to the victims of the earthquake that has now killed over 40,000 and left countless homeless. This emergency initiative consists of 10,000 NFTs minted on the STRMNFT marketplace for the purpose of donating to trusted organizations to aid the people of Turkey.

All proceeds from the Pray for Turkey NFTs will be directed toward the relief efforts. Priced at only 800 STRM, these NFTs do not incur royalty fees; neither are they resalable. Owning these NFTs, however, denotes users’ contribution to easing the burden on survivors and their families.

Launched early last year, the STRMNFT Marketplace is known for being the home of the Lady Ape Club NFT collection. Since its inception, the platform has seen a flood of new users actively trying out the platform’s features and services.

STRMNFT is one among several organizations in the crypto space that have rallied to offer help to the inhabitants of Turkey, a country that was already ravaged by double-digit inflation even before the earthquake. Binance has arranged for a total of $5 million and Avalanche has donated $1 million to disaster relief efforts. Justin Sun, reportedly contributed TRON tokens worth $60,000 and the Ethereum chain has procured $1.2 million in donations. These form only the tip of the iceberg as donations continue to pour in.

Although donations are being rushed in from several humanitarian groups and organizations, the complexities of logistical challenges, frigid weather conditions, and the dangers of rebel-posed threats plague rescue efforts. One such challenge for crypto donations is the regulatory hurdles in the region. To counteract this obstacle, blockchain bodies in Turkey have signed a petition, asking authorities to make crypto-donations acceptable in Turkey.

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