Binance Co-Founder Rallies Team Amid Regulatory Pressure, Fierce Competition

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  • Binance Co-Founder Yi He urges the team to stay resilient amidst regulatory challenges and competition.
  • She highlights core principles: unique products, top-notch service, and efficient resource allocation for long-term success.
  • Binance’s past innovations and internal unity are seen as keys to facing current trials and cementing its status.

Binance Co-Founder Yi He penned an open letter urging the crypto exchange’s team to stay resilient while navigating escalating challenges from regulators and competitors.

With Binance facing lawsuits, restrictions, and tightening oversight across multiple jurisdictions, the co-founder acknowledged that the current climate marks a critical moment. However, she insisted Binance possessed the skills and experience to prevail through tribulations once again.

Binance CMO reminded staff of the core principles that position Binance for long-term success: building excellent, unique products that solve real user needs; providing best-in-class service; and staying nimble by efficiently allocating resources. 

By continuously gathering user feedback, carefully evaluating market signals, and iterating quickly, she believes Binance can establish competitive advantages despite the harsh environment.

Yi He recalled Binance overcoming crises in 2019 by innovating new offerings like crypto futures and P2P trading when options were limited. Since then, the exchange has expanded into mining, staking, DeFi, and more by out-executing opponents.

According to the co-founder, Binance’s biggest threat is internal, not external forces. She urged the team to respond rationally rather than emotionally, analyze strengths and weaknesses objectively, and stay hungry.

With its vast resources and battle-tested resiliency, Yi He expressed confidence that Binance will prevail again during this latest trial. But it requires unity, focus, and awakening the inner competitive fire that originally propelled Binance’s meteoric rise.

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