Ethernity Price Prediction 2022-2030: Will ERN Price Hit $10 Soon?

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Ethernity ERN Price Prediction
  • Bullish Ethernity (ERN) price prediction ranges from $1 to $6.
  • Analysis suggests that the ERN price might reach above $10 soon.
  • The ERN bearish market price prediction for 2023 is $0.927.

Ethernity Chain is an authorized and approved NFT platform. A platform focused on the community, Ethernity Chain aims to provide authorized NFTs in restricted quantities (aNFTs). The platform also seeks to offer trading cards designed by well-known artists and supported by reputed personalities. These aNFTs can be purchased by users directly or through auctions. Additionally, the platform seeks to develop a comprehensive aNFT library and compensate its developers and community.

If you are interested in the future of ERN and want to know its predicted value for 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030, keep reading!

Ethernity (ERN) Market Overview

🪙 Name Ethernity Chain
💱 Symbol ern
🏅 Rank #529
💲 Price $1.61
📊 Price Change (1h) -0.19772 %
📊 Price Change (24h) 5.89741 %
📊 Price Change (7d) 7.76504 %
💵 Market Cap $31102230
📈 All Time High $73.86
📉 All Time Low $1.17
💸 Circulating Supply 19251387.949 ern
💰 Total Supply 30000000 ern

What is Ethernity (ERN)?

Ethernity is a blockchain-based platform that enables users to benefit from the growing popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The developers describe it as a hybrid decentralized finance (DeFi) project with authenticated NFTs. All NFTs can be bought and traded on-chain in the Ethernity ecosystem.

Ethernity was funded on the Polkastarter platform, with a crowd sale on March 8, 2021. To increase the value of its ERN coin, the project attempts to establish beneficial conditions for all active members of the community. Before launching ERN, Ethernity received strategic funding from Black Edge Capital, Morningstar Ventures, Spark Digital Capital, Woodstock, and Genesis Block Ventures.

Ethernity is working to promote NFT-based digital art and raise money for charity by forming collaborations with influential people in the blockchain, music, and entertainment industries. Based on the Ethereum network, ERN is a proof-of-stake (PoS) currency that uses the ERC-20 standard and is protected by the Ethereum blockchain.

The cryptocurrency Ethernity allows famous people to promote charity causes by selling advertisements for their artwork or custom card tokens. Ethernity’s simple NFT sales procedure can benefit artists, businesses, and influencers.

Ethernity (ERN) Collab With Lionel Messi

World-famous soccer star Lionel Messi is partnering up with web3 company Ethernal Labs to develop a cutting-edge NFT and collectible digital experience in honor of his impressive career. On November 27 at 12 pm ET, the commemorative collection will be on sale.

Fans of Lionel Messi may get a limited edition souvenir beginning on November 27 that will serve as a token for a cutting-edge NFT experience, honoring his debut in the global football scene in the summer of 2006. Throughout this experience, holders will have the opportunity to win up to four collectibles reflecting Messi’s international performances for Argentina in the summers of 2010, 2014, 2018, and 2022 via a series of free drawings. Each raffle will give 50% of holders a digital collectible marking his each global tournament attendance, with the final raffle giving 10 fortunate holders a free ultra-rare digital collectible reflecting Messi’s 2022 international tournament appearance.

Ethernity (ERN) Current Market Status

At the time of writing, Ethernity sits at 552nd place in market capitalization, according to CoinMarketCap. ERN has 15,471,055 ERN in circulation, and its total market supply is 30,000,000ERN. ERN has a 24-hour trading volume of $2,749,503, with a 19.83% fall. In the past 24 hours, the ERN price has increased by 0.42%.

Popular exchanges to trade Ethernity (ERN) are  Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin, Uniswap, and others.

Ethernity (ERN) Price Analysis 2023

Will Ethernity (ERN)’s most recent improvements, additions, and modifications help the ERN price rise? First, let’s focus on the charts in this article’s ERN price forecast.

Ethernity (ERN) Price Analysis – Keltner Channel

ERN/USDT 1-Day Chart Showing Keltner Channel (Source: TradingView)

When volatility bands are positioned on either side of an asset’s price, it is possible to determine a trend with the help of the Keltner Channel. Ethernity (ERN) price can be predicted using the Keltner Channel indications for ERN/USDT. The price is in the second half of the channel, meaning people are selling ERN rather than loading. For a better risk-free scenario, we should wait for an upturn or a better entry point to improve the reward-to-risk ratio.

Ethernity (ERN) Price Analysis – Relative Strength Index

ERN/USDT 1-Day Chart Showing Relative Strength Index (Source: TradingView)

During uptrends, the RSI tends to remain more stable than during downtrends. It makes sense, considering that the RSI tracks gains and losses. During an uptrend, there are more significant gains, maintaining a higher RSI.

In contrast, the RSI tends to linger at lower levels. The value of the 1-Day chart is 41.02, indicating there are sellers who have entered the market. If more sellers enter the market, then this downtrend could continue. During a downtrend, the RSI rarely exceeds 70 and regularly reaches 30 or falls below this barrier. These rules can help determine the strength of a trend and identify possible trend reversals.

Ethernity (ERN) Price Analysis – Moving Average

ERN/USDT 1-Day Chart Showing 200-MA and 50-MA (Source: TradingView)

Above is a 1-Day Ethernity (ERN) 200-day and 50-day Moving Averages (MAs) chart. ERN is now trading below 200MA and 50MA lines, meaning the market is entirely bearish. 

Moreover, the distance between the two moving averages is narrow, indicating that a death cross will be formed soon, which will confirm the downtrend for ERN. For an excellent risk-to-reward ratio, it is better to wait for a few reversal patterns for crypto investors. 

Ethernity (ERN) Price Prediction 2023

ERN/USDT 1-Day Chart  (Source: TradingView)

Looking at the daily chart of ERN/USDT, the ERN price was swinging from $1.68  to $2.68 within the past 30 days. ERN, recently, formed a double top with its price descent ending at $1.67. However, ERN started its climb once again. If ERN continues to move upward, it could reach $2.5, in the short-term.

Meanwhile, our long-term ERN price prediction for 2023 is bullish if it cannot break the support level. We can expect ERN to reach $5 this year.

Ethernity (ERN) could end the year 2023 with a relative strength index (RSI) value of more than 70. It shows that the trend is solid and bullish and will trade above $8 by 2023. Hence, we could expect the price of ERN to surge to at least $12.4475 by the end of 2023.

MonthMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price
April 20231.9872.1112.435
May 20232.3762.7243.073
June 20233.5873.97354.36
July 20234.4824.8745.326
August 20235.4675.746.0167
September 20236.3466.68477.0234
October 20237.4568.2218.986
November 20239.0769.70810.34
December 202310.3511.11111.87

Ethernity (ERN) Price Prediction – Resistance and Support Levels 

ERN/USDT 1-Day Chart (Source: TradingView)

The chart above shows that the price of ERN has decreased in the past few months. If this downtrend continues, ERN can break its current support at $1.682. 

If ERN reverses from its downward trend and breaks the resistance at $5.77, ERN is likely to reach $8. Technical indicators caution traders Traders should be cautious and watch the technical indicators. However, if bulls continue to influence the ERN market, a prolonged bullish trend is inclined.

Ethernity (ERN) Price Prediction 2024

The Bitcoin supply will be halved in 2024. Thus we should anticipate a favorable market trend due to user sentiment and investors’ desire to amass more of the coin. Since the movement of Bitcoin affects the way other cryptocurrencies trade, we could expect ERN to be worth at least $16.2275 by the end of 2024.

MonthMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price
January 202412.6799512.6812.68006
February 202413.0389513.03913.03906
March 202413.2839513.28413.28406
April 202413.6489513.64913.64906
May 202413.9339513.93413.93406
June 202414.1999514.214.20006
July 202414.3479514.34814.34806
August 202414.6289514.62914.62906
September 202414.9983514.998414.99846
October 202415.4502515.450315.45036
November 202415.8324515.832515.83256
December 202416.2274516.227516.22756

Ethernity (ERN) Price Prediction 2025

We should expect the price of ERN to trade above its price in 2024 because most cryptocurrencies may be able to break through psychological barriers after Bitcoin’s price halving in 2024. So, by the end of 2025, ERN could be worth around $20.2455.

MonthMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price
January 202516.6979516.69816.69806
February 202517.0569517.05717.05706
March 202517.3019517.30217.30206
April 202517.6669517.66717.66706
May 202517.9519517.95217.95206
June 202518.2179518.21818.21806
July 202518.3659518.36618.36606
August 202518.6469518.64718.64706
September 202519.0163519.016419.01646
October 202519.4682519.468319.46836
November 202519.8504519.850519.85056
December 202520.2454520.245520.24556

Ethernity (ERN) Price Prediction 2026

Since the maximum amount of ERN will be reached by 2026, the bearish market that follows a solid bullish run affects its previous price as more institutional investors join its platform. If this happens, the price of ERN could go against the usual trend and be worth $24.3275 by the end of 2026.

MonthMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price
January 202620.7799520.7820.78006
February 202621.1389521.13921.13906
March 202621.3839521.38421.38406
April 202621.7489521.74921.74906
May 202622.0339522.03422.03406
June 202622.2999522.322.30006
July 202622.4479522.44822.44806
August 202622.7289522.72922.72906
September 202623.0983523.098423.09846
October 202623.5502523.550323.55036
November 202623.9324523.932523.93256
December 202624.3274524.327524.32756

Ethernity (ERN) Price Prediction 2027

Due to Bitcoin halving, investors expect a bullish run in 2028. So, the price of ERN could build on its recent gains and even break through more psychological barriers if investors feel good. So, by the end of 2027, ERN could be worth $28.4, and ERN is likely to break its ATH value.

MonthMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price
January 202724.8499524.8524.85006
February 202725.2089525.20925.20906
March 202725.4539525.45425.45406
April 202725.8189525.81925.81906
May 202726.1039526.10426.10406
June 202726.3699526.3726.37006
July 202726.5179526.51826.51806
August 202726.7989526.79926.79906
September 202727.1683527.168427.16846
October 202727.6202527.620327.62036
November 202728.0024528.002528.00256
December 202728.3974528.397528.39756

Ethernity (ERN) Price Prediction 2028

Bitcoin will be halved in 2028. So, a bullish run could happen before the market settles down in 2027. The price of Ethernity (ERN) could reach $32.54.

MonthMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price
January 202828.9899528.9928.99006
February 202829.3489529.34929.34906
March 202829.5939529.59429.59406
April 202829.9589529.95929.95906
May 202830.2439530.24430.24406
June 202830.5099530.5130.51006
July 202830.6579530.65830.65806
August 202830.9389530.93930.93906
September 202831.3083531.308431.30846
October 202831.7602531.760331.76036
November 202832.1424532.142532.14256
December 202832.5374532.537532.53756

Ethernity (ERN) Price Prediction 2029

By 2029, the prices of most cryptocurrencies could have been stable for more than a decade, and this is because they used their lessons to ensure their investors still believed in the project. Because of this effect and the price spike that happens a year after Bitcoin halves, ERN could reach $36.69 by the end of 2029.

MonthMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price
January 202933.1499533.1533.15006
February 202933.5089533.50933.50906
March 202933.7539533.75433.75406
April 202934.1189534.11934.11906
May 202934.4039534.40434.40406
June 202934.6699534.6734.67006
July 202934.8179534.81834.81806
August 202935.0989535.09935.09906
September 202935.4683535.468435.46846
October 202935.9202535.920335.92036
November 202936.3024536.302536.30256
December 202936.6974536.697536.69756

Ethernity (ERN)  Price Prediction 2030

The cryptocurrency market was stable because early investors held on to their assets so they wouldn’t miss out on future price gains. By the end of 2030, the price of Ethernity (ERN) could be around $37.69, despite the bearish market that followed a market boom in the early years.

MonthMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price
January 203034.1399534.1434.14006
February 203034.4989534.49934.49906
March 203034.7439534.74434.74406
April 203035.1089535.10935.10906
May 203035.3939535.39435.39406
June 203035.6599535.6635.66006
July 203035.8079535.80835.80806
August 203036.0889536.08936.08906
September 203036.4583536.458436.45846
October 203036.9102536.910336.91036
November 203037.2924537.292537.29256
December 203037.6874537.687537.68756

Ethernity (ERN) Price Prediction 2040

According to our long-term Ethernity price estimate and If the current growth rate continues, we could anticipate an average price of $75 by 2040. If the market becomes bullish, the price of Ethernity may increase beyond our 2040 forecast.

Minimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price

Ethernity (ERN) Price Prediction 2050

According to our Ethernity/Luna Classic forecast, the average price of ERN in 2050 might be above $150. If more investors are drawn to Ethernity between these years, the price of Ethernity in 2050 could be far higher than our projection.

Minimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price


ERN might reach $8 in 2022 and $37.69 by 2030 if investors decide that ERN is a good investment, along with mainstream cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.


What is Ethernity (ERN)? 

Ethernity is a blockchain-based platform that enables users to benefit from the growing popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The developers describe it as a hybrid decentralized finance (DeFi) project with authenticated NFTs. All NFTs can be bought and traded on-chain in the Ethernity ecosystem.

How to buy ERN tokens?

ERN can be traded on many exchanges like other digital assets in the crypto world. Binance, OKX, XT.COM, Phemex, and Bitrue are currently the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges for trading ERN.  

Will ERN surpass its current ATH?

Since ERN provides investors with several opportunities to profit from their crypto holdings, it seems to be a good investment in 2022. Notably, ERN has a high possibility of surpassing its current ATH in 2027.

Can ERN reach $30 soon?

ERN is one of the few active crypto assets that continue to rise in value. As long as this bullish trend continues, ERN might break through $10.634 and reach as high as $30. Of course, if the current market favoring crypto continues, it will likely happen.

Is ERN a good investment in 2023?

ERN is expected to continue its upward trend as one of the fastest-rising cryptocurrencies. We may also conclude that ERN is an excellent cryptocurrency to invest in this year, given its recent partnerships and collaborations that have improved its adoption.

What Is the lowest price of ERN?

The lowest ERN price is $1.16, attained on June 18, 2022, according to CoinMarketCap.

Which year was ERN launched? 

ERN was launched in 2021.

Who are the co-founders of ERN?

Nick Rose Ntertsas co-founded ERN.

What is the maximum supply of ERN?

The maximum supply of ERN is 30,000,000.

How do I store ERN?

ERN can be stored in a cold wallet, hot wallet, or exchange wallet.

What will be the ERN price in 2023?

ERN price is expected to reach $10.45 by 2023.

What will be the ERN price in 2024?

ERN price is expected to reach $16.2275 by 2024.

What will be the ERN price in 2025?

ERN price is expected to reach $20.2455 by 2025.

What will be the ERN price in 2026?

ERN price is expected to reach $24.3275 by 2026.

What will be the ERN price in 2027?

ERN price is expected to reach $28.4 by 2027.

What will be the ERN price in 2028?

ERN price is expected to reach $32.53 by 2028.

What will be the ERN price in 2029?

ERN price is expected to reach $36.69 by 2029.

What will be the ERN price in 2030?

ERN price is expected to reach $37.69 by 2030.

What will be the ERN price in 2040?

ERN price is expected to reach $75 by 2040.

What will be the ERN price in 2050?

ERN price is expected to reach $150 by 2050.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions, as well as all the information shared in this price prediction, are published in good faith. Readers must do their research and due diligence. Any action taken by the reader is strictly at their own risk. Coin Edition and its affiliates will not be held liable for any direct or indirect damage or loss.

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